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Presidential Address Rules & Reports of the Indian Research Institute. August 1936




(The subscription for the non-resident subcribers excludes postage)."[81 2. The following departments will be formed for the proper execution of the subjects with seperate SuCommittees the members of which will consist of some members of the Executive Committee and a few ordinary or life members competent for the purposes to be nominated by the Executive Committee and the President Gener [...] The number of the members of the Executive Committee shall not be more than the maximum strength of the Committee as laid down in Rule 3. The office-bearers will be elected from amongst members of the Committee by the Exective Committee. [...] In the case of a vacancy in the Committee caused by the resignation or otherwise of a member the remaining members will proceed to fill up the vacancy by nominating prferably a person of the same constituency if any having sypathy with the objects of the Institute. [...] (d) To receive free of charges copies of the numbers of the English Research Journal of the Indian Research Institute and reports of the Institute. [...] Ordinary subscribers shall be entitled to privileges (a) and (b) and get at a reduced rate the publications of the Series of the institute they subscribe to and will receive gratis the reports of the Institute."[ 12 ] E" MEETINGS OF THE INSTITUTE.



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