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Administration Report of the Dhrangadhra State for the Year Ending the 31st March 1914




The cotton trade which is now the backbone of the prosperity of the State has been further encouraged by the improvement of the ginning and pressing facilities whilsii great care is execised to maintain the high quality of the staple. [...] With one exception all outstanding disputes with the Bhayats and Mulgirasias have been settled and the relations of the State with the Representative and Officers of the Paramount Power and with the neighbouring States are of the most cordial description. [...] 20 per mensecn for the encouragement of higher collegiate education among the subjects of Dhrangadhra; (5) a free grant of land to the Mahomedans for the erection of a mosque outside the Seetapur gate; and (6) the revision of the pay of Revenue Patels. [...] In the month of August 1913 the Mahajam of Dhrangadhra at the instigation of certain evil-minded agitators ordered a general strike objecting to the city survey; and in spite of the conciliatory attitude of the Darbar declined to resume businesa. [...] There were in the beginning of the year 7 cases on the file 5 more were instituted 3 were disposed of leaving a balance of 9. The Judge of the Bhayati Court also inspects boundary pillars and attends to the numbering and re-adjusting the same with the help of surveyors.


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