cover image: Final Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in the District of Howrah



Final Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in the District of Howrah


As the terminus of two big Railways the station at Howrah is one of the biggest in India and being the gate-way of the daily passengers to Calcutta the area between the railway station and the Howrah Bridge between 10-11 a.m. [...] The shifing of the one to the west and the choing up of the other has rendered the eastern portion of the district very unhealthy. [...] The beds of the Kausiki and the Gauri the tributaries of the Saraswati might indicate the alignment. [...] Under the terms of the contract the Municipality or the Provincial Goverment has the option of purchasing the concern at the end of every seven years at 25 times the net annual profit (the difference between the average gross annual receipts and the working epenses). [...] The comparative absence of malaria in the southern portions of the district is perhaps due to the existence of a large number of khals which serve to drain the countryside 'Ind also the oveflow of saline water of the Hooghly at flow tides during the rains.
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