A Primer of Indian Logic  According to Annambhatta’s Tarkasamgraha
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A Primer of Indian Logic According to Annambhatta’s Tarkasamgraha




And on the other side the combined workings of the intuitionistic and rationalistic tendencies in the diretion of spiritual insight and knowledge of truth led to the emergence of the Upanisadic philosophy of Atmatt.. [...] This should have resulted in the develoment of the pre-Buddhistc ydya method in close assciation with Vedic exegesis and accounts for the earlier use of the term Nyaya in the sense of 'the principles and the logical method of Mimbirhsa exegetics.' This also accounts for the fact that even after the disentaglement of the Nyaya logic from Vedic exegetics the legislators of ancient India l [...] It will be obvious to those who are familiar with the traditions of ancient India that AksaPtida was the personal name and Gautania the gotra name of the author of the Nyaya-sutras and that Kavada and Ulaka are the personal names and Kei:syapa the gotra name of the author of the Vaigesika-sutras in the same way as Pakrilasvdmin is the personal name and dtsytiyana the gotra name of the author of [...] The name Patafijali borne by the author of the Yoga-sUtras presents some difficulties to Jacobi as the date of Patalijali the author of the Mahabhäsya is accepted to be the middle of the 2nd century B. C. But Jacobi would attempt to differentiatexiv A PRIMER OF INDIAN LOGIC [PART I the author of the Mallabhasya from the author of the Yoga-sutras though as a matter of fact the ancient tradi [...] Gadalhara is famous as the author of the commentary popularly known as the Cadadhari on the Didhiti the commentary called the Mitlagada-dhari on portions of the Mani commentaries on Udayana's AtmatatIvavivelea and fifty-two dialectic tracts and treatises—such as the Vyutipattivada and and S'aletivada (dialectic treatises on the speculative Semantics of ISTy5.ya).

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