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Report on the Administration of the Meteorological Department of the Government of India in 1918-19




At Calcutta and Bombay a clerk at each port spends his whole time in visiting ships making in each case a copy of the log and a comparison of the ship's barometer with a secondary standard for the purpose of applying the necessary correct ions to the readings in the logs ; and after the barometer comparisons have been made a statement of the error of the ship's barometer is given to the captai [...] The data thus obtained are utilised in the preparation of charts of disturbances in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea for future reference in connection with the storm war cing work of the department and in drawing up an account of the storms of the year for publication in the Annual Summary. [...] The information as to the amount distribution and time of occurrence of the snowfall in the Himalayan and Afghan mountain areas was on the -whole toleably complete and the thanks of the department are again due to the various. [...] Although the coast observations on the morning of the 23rd showed clearly the existence of the disturbance no warnings were issued till the morning of the next day : the notice given was thus rather short. [...] The signals were lowered everywhere o that is three days before the storm had actually disappeared The pr lowering of the signals was however due solely to the fact that the coast stations failed to show any signs of the continued existence of the stgrin which was then far away in the west of the Arabian Sea.


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