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Tara A Mahratta Tale




Both results led directly to the establishment of powers widely differing in:.their aims and charaters but not the less irresistible by the Mahomdans ; and the victory at l'ertabgurh was as directly conducive to the establishment and extension of the Mahratta authority and the decadence of the Mhomedan as that of Plassey has been to our own sovereignty and to the political extinctio [...] On the east the ascent is more regular ; and the principal street slopes from the crest of the tableland down to the first flight of steps leading to the first court and thence down successive flights of steps through other courts to the lowest which is the largest and in which stands the principal shrine surrounded by cloisters and other buildings. [...] The Shastree's house was on the edge of the crest of the ground looking to the south over the ravine of the temple the cliffs and a portion of the town beyond across the small plain which lay between the edge of the temple ravine and the precipitous gide of the mountain and thence over the plain which in the far ditance mingled with the sky. [...] Thus the procession was passing round and round the temple and the simple but strange melody rising and falling amidst the buildings trees and cliffs and filling the ravine with sound as Tara and her mther gained the outer gate and began to descend the steps which led to the lower court. [...] As the litter was taken up he fell out of the prcession and watching it depart sat down alone on the edge of the cliff looking over the plain and by the side of the small stream which issuing from the Pap-nas temple fell down the face of the rock in a sheet of foam.

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