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Some Papers Relating to Fixation of Percentages in the Public Services 1939




of the public services in the Province should be reserved for the Muslims and the Cabinet is about to advise the Governor that by way of implementing the resolution of the Assembly an immediate increase should be made in the percentages reserved for the Muslims in the public services. [...] Butler makes it clearer still in the following speech:-- "That is the Instruction which is to be given to the Governors and that was the understanding to which the Joint Select Comittee came and we believe that by including these provisions in the Instrument of Instructions we are implementing the general decisions of the Joint Select Committee that the present ratio as announced in the Resol [...] Subject to the above condition the Governor cr alter the percetages only for' two reason(?) that it is essential in the interests of the communities affected or (ii) that it is essential in the interests of the welfare of the public. [...] The intention of Parliament as revealed by the explanatory speeches made by the framers of the constitution can be summed up as follows:— (i) The words accepted policy" in paragraph IX of the Instrment of Instructions refer specifically to the percentages fixed in 1934 by this Government after a careful enquiry at the instance of the Government of India who moved in the matter under the dire [...] dated the 18th May 1934 on the subject mentioned above and to state for the information of the Government of India that after reviewing the provisions which now exist for the recruitment of members of the Muhammadan minoity and backward communities to the services under their control the Local Government have come to the conclusion that the arrangements are sufficiently satisfactory and su


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