Bombay Town Planning Act. No. I of 1915. Town Planning Scheme Ahmedabad No. III (Ellis Bridge) (Final)
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Bombay Town Planning Act. No. I of 1915. Town Planning Scheme Ahmedabad No. III (Ellis Bridge) (Final)




In order to provide for the increase in population and to regulate the consequent building activities on orderly lines the Ahmedabad Municipality and the Ellis Bridge Notified Area Committee decided to undertake the development of lands situated to the west of the river Sabarmati and portion in Dariapur-K.azipur to the north-west of the city proper. [...] The area under the Scheme comprises of two groups (a) Dariaiar-Kazipur group and (b) Ellis Bridge group the former is situated on the left bank of the river bounded on the North by the Vaso Mill on the South by the City Walls on the East by the Dudheshwar Road and on the West by the Sabarmati river and the latter is situated on the right bank of the river bounded on the' North by the common boun [...] The selection of the area comprised within the Scheme specially the one situated to the West of the river for the purpose of a Town Planning Seheme has been amply justified far it has been favoured considerably by the public for tie construction of their residences and certain public buildings which are found to have sprung up almost all over the area of the scheme even before the Scheme has com [...] A certain amount of time was taken by Government in examining the proposals of the Draft Scheme specially the one made in respect of the construction of the Shahpur Bridge and the conaeksions claimed therefor on the analogy of the Lloyd Bridge at Poona and after necessary inquiries and correspondence the Draft Scheme was sanctioned by Government under G. R. G. D. No. [...] If in the opinion of the Local Authority the layout of the land or alignment of a street or way is not adapted to or would detrimentally affect the layout or develoment of adjoining lands they shall require the applicant to alter the layout or alignment accordingly but as may be without detriment ttl the layout of the applicant's own lands.

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