Central Bureau of Education. Progress of Education in India 1937-1947 Decennial Review
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Central Bureau of Education. Progress of Education in India 1937-1947 Decennial Review




In the case of the former it covers the last hopeless efforts to preserve peace the war itself and its immediate after-effects; in that of the latter it embraces the climax of the struggle for independence and its final attainment.. [...] Those interested may also he referred to the Annual ReportsDEVELOPMENTS NOT CONNECTED WITH EDUCATION REPORT 7 of the Central Selection Board and to the Report of the Roy Committee which was set up by the Minister of Education in 1947 to enquire into the working of the scheme. [...] The Board hope that having drawn attention thus publicly to the matter the practice of canvassing or of recommendation will disappear for good to the great advantage of the public service and the encouragement of all honest candidatures." The result has been that though in 1945 there were some letters of recommendations the number of improper letters in 1946 and 1947 was practically nil. [...] My tribute is a twofold one first of all to the members of the Central Selection Board all busy people who devoted many weeks to the work and spared no pains in the endeavour to select the best candidates and secondly to those members of the staff of the department who were called upon to work an almost incredible amount of overtime in the effort to cope with the urgent responsibility which ha [...] The reason for this was set out in the Introduction of the Report itsen and it may be well to repeat it here :- " Since the primary object of this report is to place a practiable plan of post-war developratrit before the Reconstruction Committee of the Viceroy's.E*ecutive Council hick will"12 PROGRESS OF EDUCATION IN INDIA 1937-47 hardly have the time or the desire to concern itself with mat

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