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Report of the All-India Educational Conference (Thirteenth Session) Calcutta December 26 - 30 1937




To Whatever field of life we may turn — of business of industry of health service of national defence or even of the higher cultural development you.will find that the vital force is ebbing away owing to the drying up of the flow at the source which after all is in the human material of the country. [...] For upon proper education depends the future of the nation the solution of itS manifold problems the employment of its teeming millions and the place our Motherland shall take amongst the progressive countries of the world. [...] I would suggest for the considertion of the President and the members of the Conference whether one of the first duties of persons in charge of education of youngmen and boys should not be to guide them and induce them to take up lines where they may easily find profitable employment and whether the Univesities should not set their face against increasing the army of the educated unemployed. [...] As first fruits of the proposed Board we are promised a reduction of the number of the H. E. Schools in this province all of them built up by the generosity of local patrons and the selfsacrifice of a local band of workers. [...] The subject of Education is of vital concern to the commnity : and a gathering of experts from all over India met to discuss the problems of this Education in its different forms must command the sympathetic interest of all who are anxious for the welfare and progress of the country.



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