Selections from Educational Records  1781 - 1839
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Selections from Educational Records 1781 - 1839




The efforts of the missionaries the growth of a consciousness of responsibility for the instruction of the people (at a time when in England this task was hardly regarded as a public duty) the dawning of a recognition of the enormous difficulties involved in such a duty the polemics which led to the momentous decision to introduce the western system of learning for the middle class—these subj [...] Preface in some form or other till to-day ; the first grant in aid of education and the machinery devised for utilising it ; the surveys made with a view to a wide dissemination of knowledge ; the transfer of public interest and public funds from the pursuit of the old learning of the east to that of the western literature and science and to the study of the English language. [...] I would recommend that the rents of one or more Mousa or villages in the neighbourhood of the place be assigned for the monthly expence of the proposed Madressa and that it be referred to the Committee of Revenue to provide and.make the endowment and to regulate the mode of collection and payment in such a manner as to fix and ascertain the amount and periods of both and prvent any future abus [...] We entirely approve of the plan of the Hindoo College which you have established from the commencement of 1199 Fussly and concur in your sentiments respecting the public benefit that may be expected to result from it ; you will limit the expence of the establishment for the current year to Sicca Rupees 14 000 and in the event of the surplus collection not proving adequate to the payment of the amo [...] The following are the principal rules which I would propose should be established for the superintendence and management of those institutions incluing that already existing at the city of Benares That the general superintendence of the colleges be vested at Benares in the agent to the Governor-General the magististe of the city and collector of the province ; at Nuddea in the senior member of

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