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Report of the Mica Enquiry Committee 1944-45




Chandmall Rajgaria Assessor Mica Enquiry Committee on the -Mira Deposits of Travancore State. 183 1.5803110fwmp REPORT OF THE MICA ENQUIRY COMMITTEE CHAPTER I THE CONSTITUTION OF THE COMMITTEE AND THE CONDUCT OF THE ENQUIRY The Mica Enquiry Committee was constituted by the Government of India by a Resolution dated the 23rd October 1944 directing the Comittee to “ enquire into and report [...] Finally in three meetings lasting from the 4th to the 9th June the 16th to the 23rd July and the 6th to the 11th December 1945 the Comittee discussed the subject at length with its assessors and technical advisers and came to the conclusions which are set out in the following chapters. [...] III Then followed a short period in which the mica industry of Bihar was not regulated by special legislation but the provisions of the Act with certain modifications were soon restored by the Mica Control Order 1940 The object of the Government of India in passing this Order was to regulate and control the transport of mica in order to prevent the mineral from falling into the hands of the ene [...] The following extract from the minutes of the meeting is relevant:— The meeting next considered the question of the re-enactment of the Bihar and Orissa Mica Act I of 1.930 which was repealed by the Local Congress Government last year. [...] The object should be to penetrate to the lowest depth at which mica occurs in the mine to extend the drives to the utmost horizontal limits of the vein to explore by suitable crosscuts the possibility of deposits of mica in other zones of the vein and before abandoning the mine to search for possible extensions of the vein both vertically and horizontally.


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