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Report of the Dacca Technical and Vocational Education Committee




Results of enquiry disappointing 1 7. Committee not asked to consider general problem of industrial education. 2 8. Difficulties in the way of manual occupation for the middle classes. [...] The importance of the subject : reference in Government Reslution. 22 78. [...] In the opinion of the Sub-Committee which reported on this subject the one.-storied bedding in the annexe to the main school builing which one formed the laboratories of the old Dacca College appears to h quite suitable for reconversion into Science laboratories. [...] The minority are opposed to it on the ground that the task and function of developing any educational courses in engineering for Dacca and the Dacca district above the high school stage and below the University stage should he assigned to the Dacca School of Engineering and that the creation of the course would be uneconomical. [...] The Committee as will be seen below are unanimously in favour of extending the teaching of the School of Engineering and of providing a Universiy course in engineering in which the School of Engineering would co-operate.' 33.



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