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Problems of Indian Labour - a Symposium (Publication No. 2)




regarding economic policy among which a prominent place has been given to the objective of the raising of the standard of living of the mass of workers and peasants; but these pronouncements cannot be easily reconciled with other declarations of political leaders and especially With the actual development of administrative practice of Provincial Governments and the Central Governinent during the l [...] permit with the international standard suitable machinery for the settlment of disputes between employers and workmen protection against the economic consequences of old age sickness and ane.nployment and the right of workers to form unions and to strike for the protection of their 'interests." Today.with the change in the political structure in the country by the attainment of indepen [...] General Provisions. The general provisions of the Bill for the larger factories have been extended to bring the.standards of safety and of the safe woring of plant up to the accepted standards of western industrial ntions not only in the safeguarding of dangerous machinery but also in securing safe methods of working in the case of hoists and lifts lifting gear safe means of access to plac [...] The present law also in fact often. throws the responsibility of the actual' design of the safeguard on the Inspector.i6 This is unfair to the Inspector particularly with the growth of the law of Workmen's Compensation and it is a poor excuse that this system is still necessary in a country where even the occupier of the factory may be still illiterate. [...] It is of importance that the social worker should refer all legal questions to the Legal Aid Society as the experience of the Society is that even with the best of intentions the social worker advises to the best of his knowledge but many times the advice is wrong.


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