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Government of Bengal Local Self-Government Department. Orders for the First General Election of Commissioners of Municipalities under the Bengal Municipal Act 1932




For the purpose of the revision of the Preliminary Electoral Roll the committee may appoint in writing or request the District Magistrate to appoint suitable person or persons to perform the duties of the Revising Authority under these orders in respect of the whole of the municipality or any ward thereof : Provided that no person who intends to be a candidate for the ensuing election or an agent [...] 'The Magistrate shall make such order as to the insertion or omission of the name as appears to him to be just and shall forward a copy of his order to the Chairman so reach him not less than 12 days befo-re the (late of the election; and the Chairman shall upon receipt of the order give effect to the same and such order shall by final. [...] The Chairman shall not less-than 10 days before the date of the election Oldish a revised list of candidates in the same manner as the original list containing all the alterations and amendments made in such original list by the order of the Magistrate under order.18 and by the withdrawals of candidates under order 16. [...] (1) On the conclusion of the poll the ballot-box shall be opened and the votes scrutinised and counted in the presence of the candidates or their agents by the polling offiCer with the assistance of the election committee and the polling officer shall then and there subject to the provisions of orders 32 and 33 declare the result of the election and report accordingly to the Chairman if he. [...] On the expiry of 30 days from the date of the deCiaration of the result of the election the voting papers in the ballot-'ox' and the sealed books containing unused voting papers and cowaterfoils in the Chairman's custody shall be destroyed in the presence of such municipal commissioner or officer as the commissioners at a meeting may appoint for this purpose.


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