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Indian Central Cotton Committee. Annual Report for the Season 1941-42




The most important subject which received consideration at the first meeting held on the 23rd and 24th January 1942 was the question of the measures that should be taken to safeguard the position of Indian cotton in view of the loss of markets in Europe and the Far East as a result of the war. [...] The recommendations made by the Committee in this connection are embodied in the following resolution :— " The Indian Central Cotton Committee is of the opinion that the orderly and prompt marketing of the cotton crop is of paramount importance to the cotton cultivator. [...] The Indian cotton position at the commencement of the season was overshadowed by the impending loss of the Far Eastern markets "8 consequent upon the freezing of Japanese assets towards the close of the last season. [...] In connection with the post-mortem examination the inaccuracy of the pressing figures of Sind for 1940-41 was brought to light and investigation13 showed that this was due to the failure on the part of some of the factories to submit the returns and to inaccurate returns in the case of some others. [...] The following paragraphs deal briefly with the progress made in the introduction of improved varieties of cotton in the various Provinces and States of India as a result of the joint efforts of the Central Cotton Comittee and the Provincial and State Departments of Agriculture.


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