cover image: Indian Tariff Board. Written Evidence recorded during enquiry on the Heavy Chemical Industry



Indian Tariff Board. Written Evidence recorded during enquiry on the Heavy Chemical Industry


of the five principal countries. 146 (9) Statements handed on the 26th March 1929 regarding the proportion of chemicals required in the manufature of cotton textiles. 148 (10) Letter dated the 3rd April 1929 forwarding cost sheets for manufacturing 5 000 and 10 000 tons rook superphosphate. (ii) The Eastern Chemical Company Limited Bombay— (1) Letter dated the 13th O [...] the company. 260 (x) The Tinplate Company of India Limited— Letter dated the 7th March 1929 regarding the price of sulphuric acid. 6. Letter dated the 14th October 1928 from the Tariff Board to the local Governments and Administration asking for certain informtion about the raw material required for the manufacture of heavy chemicals. 201 245 246 247 260V PAGE. [...] Havero Trading Company Limited Bombay— (1) Letter dated the 14th November 1928 from the Tariff Board offering an opportunity to the company to state how far the allegations made by certain manufacturers of chemicals to the Tariff Board are well founded. 394 (2) Letter dated the 16th November 1928 in reply to the above letter. 395 (3) Letter dated the 20th March [...] Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Calcutta— (1.) Statement handed on the 12th March 1929 giving a sumary of the results obtained from the application of artliek I manures in a number of experiments carried out under the direction of the Imperial Chemical Industries (India) Limited. ▪. 405 (2) Letter dated the 16th March 1929 enclosing particulars of the prices of [...] To our mind the following are the main reasons for this state of things :— (i) Want of practical and scientific knowledge of the Industry amongst the middle and the higher classes the result being the almost total absence of the experts of the trade in the country paucity of trained efficient labour and a general lack of interest on the part of the capitalist class towards the industry.
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Government of India Department of Commerce Resolution no. 1990-T (8). dated the 16th July 1928
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Press Communique issued by the Tariff Board on the 24th August 1928
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Representations received from
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Questionnaire for applicants for protection of heavy Chemical Industry issued by the Tariff Board on the 24th August 1928
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Replies to the questionnaire received from
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Copy of Circular letter No. 189-T. dated the 14th October 1928; from the Secretary Tariff Board to all the Local Governments and Administrations
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Replies to the above letter received from
261-309 unknown view
Director Geological Survey of India Calcutta
310-314 unknown view
Agriculrural Adviser to the Government of India
314-323 unknown view
Director of Agriculture Madras
324-329 unknown view
Director of Industries Bombay
329-340 unknown view
Government of India Department of Commerce
341-348 unknown view
Directur-General of Department of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
348-349 unknown view
His Majesty’s Mint Bombay
350-350 unknown view
Collector of Salt Revenue Bombay
350-350 unknown view
Cordite Factory Indian Ordnance Department Aruvancadu Nilgiris
350-352 unknown view
The Agent Great Indian Peninsula Railway
353-361 unknown view
The Agent East Indian Railway
361-377 unknown view
Bengal Nagpur Railway Co. Ltd
378-394 unknown view
Havero Trading Company Limited Bombay
394-402 unknown view
Messrs. Brunner Mond and Company (India) Limited
402-404 unknown view
Imperial chemical Industries Limited Calcutta
405-409 unknown view
The Burma Corporation Limited Rangoon
410-411 unknown view
Bombay Millowners’ Association
411-412 unknown view
Messrs. Shaw Wallace & Co
413-414 unknown view
Indian Merchants’ Chamber Bombay
414-415 unknown view
V. Srinivasan Esq. Madras
415-416 unknown view
Correspondence regarding railway freight on Bauxite ore from Belgaum to Ambernath and Matunga
416-419 unknown view
Correspondence regarding increase of duty on red lead dry imported into India by paint manufacturers
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