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Strong Men over the years (A Chronicle of Athletes)




Banerji's own family I believe was a family of lawyers but he chose to pursue the career of a professional strong man —surely an unusual choice considering the spirit of the times and the prdilection of the youth of those days for jobs easily available in the various departments of the Government Before I describe Banerji any further it seems important that I should try to trace the prevail [...] In the eighties Bengal was swept Dyer by a New Consciousness which expressed itself in the development of spiritual political and educational hought on the one hand and in the endeavour to ;tem the tide of a hastening physical decay of the 3Strong Men Over the Years Bengali race on the other. [...] Once introducing a friend to the mighty charm of the cages I could not restratn the bravado of digging with a pointed pencil a paw of the sleeping leopard dangling out of the bars. [...] It is not possible to ascertain the truth of these varied claims but to the careful investgator it is clear that the styles of wrestling which have existed in the Islamic Belt of the world have always been superior to the other existent forms. [...] This year saw three rising stars in the 26Bhuttan Ganga and Ghulam Mohiuddin persons of Ghulam Muhammad known all the world over as Gama the Lion of the Punjab; Ghulam Mohiuddin of Lahore and Ghulam Mohiuddin of Arpritsar.; apparently the last of the trio was a lesser wrestler in comparison.


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