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Government of Bengal Finance Department Treasury Rules Bengal and the Subidiary Rules made thereunder




(2) Moneys paid or received in the office of the Accountant-General on behalf of another Province and book entries made in the office of the Accountant-General affecting the accounts of another Province shall likewise be adjusted by the Accountant-General through the Central Accounts Section of the Bank against the balances of the Province concerned. [...] (vii) The foregoing provisions of this rule apply also to Bank treasuries subject to the modification that in the absence of the Treasurer's balance sheet the correctness of the daily accounts should be tested by a comparison of the totals of receipts and payments in the Accountant's cash book with the corresponding totals in the daily accounts received from the Bank. [...] (2) The latest date for the formal closing of the accounts of the several sub-treasuries for the month shall be so fixed by the Government as to ensure the receipt of the day's returns at the district treasuries before the end of the month. [...] (1) In closing the accounts of the district treasury for the month the montji's totals of the subsidiary registers will be carried into the cash account in the Case of receipts and into the list of payments in the case of payments; the cash account being closed in accordance with the directions contained in the Account Code Vol. [...] (2) With regard to the punctual submission of the accounts and returns the Government shall view with severe displeasure any avoidable delay on the part of the Collector or of the Treasury Officer in the despatch of the prescribed accounts and returns with complete schedules and vouchers particularly those required by the Government the Accountant-General and the Currency Officer.


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