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Travancore Administration Report 1119 M.E. to 1943-1944 A.D. (Eighty-Eighth Annual Report)




The broad coast-belt and the shores of the bacwaters are covered with dense cocoanut plantations while all over the plains are grown in addition around homesteads a variety of trees sueh as the areca the jack the mange) the tamarind and the cashewnut. [...] In the wars in which the East India Company were engaged in the Carna tic and in Mysore in the eighteenth century the Travancore State rendered military assistance to the Company Travancore was reckoned as one of the staunchest allieS of the British Power and was included in the treaty made in 1784 between the East India Company and the Sultan of Mysore. [...] After a brief introduction of officers and inspection of the Guard of Honour Their Highnesses the Maharajas drove in procession part of the way to Lalitha Mahal Palace followed by Her Highness the Maharani and the Elaya Raja and the rest of the party in oars. [...] The increase in the rates of war allowance and the extension of the scope of the same chiefly account for the nutitjor portion of the increased expenditure under the several rilajor heads of account. [...] The abnormal increase in the cost of labour and materials the grant of war allowance to subordinates the adjustment of the arrears of Road Development Fund revenio by debit to the P. W. D. and credit to P. W. Revenue and the transfer of the unspent balances under 'Original Works' to a separate Reserve Fund for being utilised in subsequent years account for.the increased expenditure to the extent


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