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Progress of Education in India 1947-1952 Quinquennial Review


In view of the need for coordination of facilities and the maintenance of standards at the higher levels the Constitution has placed on the Central Government the responsibility in these regards. [...] The political and economic changes following the attainment of independence are also reflected in the progressive development of the education budgets of the Centre and the States. [...] (b) Survey of General Progress in the Various Fields of Education and the Difficulties Encountered Of the various tasks which faced the national government pehaps the most important was the reconstruction of education at all stages to meet the requirements of independent India. [...] The conference endorsed the recommendations of the Central Advisory Board of Education about the appointment of Commissions to survey the field of Secondary and University education. [...] The experience of the States in respect of the quality of education after the introduction of the Basic system has not been uniform.
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Introductory Survey
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Chapter I Basic Education
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Chapter II Primary Education
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Chapter III Secondary Education
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Chapter IV The Training of Teachers
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Chapter V Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning
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Chapter VI Technical and Professional Education
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Chapter VII Social Education
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Chapter VIII The Education of Girls and Women
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Chapter IX Physical Education and Youth Welfare (Including Medical Examination)
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Chapter X Cultural Development and International Activities
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Chapter XI The Education of Special Communities and Classes
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Chapter XII Anthropology Archaeology Archives and Library
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Chapter XIII Miscellaneous
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