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Colonial Reports - Annual. Annual Report on the Social and Economic Progress of the People of the State of Kedah (Unfederated Malay States). Report for the year 1354 A.H. (5th April 1935 - 23rd March 1936)




It is bordered on the interior by the Siamese States of Singgora and Patani and by the State of Perak (Federated Malay States) ; it extends northwards on the sea coast to the River Sanglang its boundary with its northern neighbour the State of Perlis (under British Protection) ; and southwards to the Muda River its boundary with Province Wellesley in the South; thence the State extends East of [...] The features characteristic of the climate of the West coast of the Malay Peninsula—uniform temperature high humidity and copious rainfall—are characteristic of the climate of Kedah also except that in this State especially in the North and in the Langkawi Islands there is a well defined dry season lasting usually from about the middle of December to the middle of March. [...] The average rainfall is smallest in the Alor Star District in the North and largest in the Kulim District in the South. [...] But the temptation of the profits from Kedah's trade with India on the one hand and on the other the difficulties of enforing the concession even after a series of blockades of the"3 rivers owing to the distance from Malacca were too great; and the monopoly supposed to have been given and acquired was little more than nominal. [...] With the provision of the above facilities to which must be added the whole of the Health Board organisation for dealing with Estate Labour it is claimed that the great majority of the inhabitants of the State now have an opportunity of access to the benefits of modern medicine.


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