Mediaeval India under Mohammedan Rule
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Mediaeval India under Mohammedan Rule




It has been supposed that the crude civilization and austere creed of the Muslims stood paralyzed in face of the rich and ancient culture the profound philosophy and the ritual of the Hindus ; but these contrasts did not check the later successes of Islam in the same land. [...] The Arab settlers formed independent dynasties at Multan and at the new city of Mansura which the conqueror's son founded in lower Sind ; and when the traveller Mas'udi visited the valley of the Indus in the tenth century he found chiefs of the Prphet's tribe of the Kuraish ruling both the upper and the lower province. [...] There were the Brahman kings of Gandhara on the Indus the Tomaras at Delhi and Kanauj the Buddhist Palas of Magadha on the lower Ganges the survivors of the Guptas in Malwa the Kalachuris on the Narbada the Chandillas of Mahoba and many more who united might have stemmed any invasion but whose jealousies brought their ruin. [...] To the contrasts of union and disunion north and south race and climate was added the zeal of the Muslim and the greed of the robber. [...] He was aided no doubt by the dissensions of his neighbours ; the break-up of the Samanid kingdom and the divisions of the Buwaihid princes in Persia opened the road to annexation in the west just as the jealousies of the Indian rajas favoured aggression in the east.

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