cover image: Mahamaya: The World as Power  Power as Consciousness (Chit-shakti)



Mahamaya: The World as Power Power as Consciousness (Chit-shakti)


It offers to Western philosophy a new conception of Consciousness and Mind and brings to the controversies within the Vedintic schools a profoundly conceived contribution; in its theory of Power and in its doctrine of the unity of conditioned and unconditioned Being of the state of worldly experience which is Saftnsiera and of that super-worldly experience which is Moksha. [...] In the Third Standard as non-dual Vedanta the position is the same except that the Psychphysical Potential is not an independent Real but is the Power of the One Supreme Real as God. [...] In this sense it is alogical that is beyond Mind' and Speech ". As the one ultimate Reality is both Ishvara and Brahman in one aspect it is the Cause and in the other it is not. [...] In practice the One is realised in and as the Many and the Many as the One. [...] The attitude of such monisms towards Consciousness has commonly taken four forms : (1) Consciousness as Perfect Knowledge (that is Knowledge of all generals and particulars) is an element of the Supreme Reality which is also the Supreme Power; but it is not the whole of it the sum and substance of it ; so that if the Supreme Reality-Power is represented by a circle Consciousness forms an aspe
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i-xliv John Woodroffe, Pramatha Mukhopadhyay view
Chapter I Consciousness as Power-Holder and as Power
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Chapter II Consciousness as the Whole
10-21 unknown view
Chapter III Veiling of Consciousness
22-40 unknown view
Chapter IV Pure Experience
41-51 unknown view
Chapter V Perfect Experience
52-65 unknown view
Chapter VI Consciousness and Reality
66-147 unknown view
Chapter VII Consciousness and Unconsciousness
148-191 unknown view
Chapter VIII Chit and “ Centres ”
192-208 unknown view
Chapter IX Chit and its Involution
209-220 unknown view
Chapter X Retrospect and Conclusion
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