History of Education in India Under the Rule of the East India Company
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History of Education in India Under the Rule of the East India Company




TO THE REVERED MEMORY OF MY FATHER SHYAMA CHARAN BASU WHo By the organization of the Educational Departmet— By zealously supporting the cause of female education By the foundation of the Punjab University and By throwing himself actively into all the move ts Calculated to ameliorate the condition of The people of the Punjab Was looked upon as one of the chief makers of The Young Punjab. [...] 54 Vernacular Education in the Days of the E India Company.. 97 Education of Indians 1833-1853.. 122 The Renewal of the East India Company's Charter in 1853 147 The Education Despatch of 1854 161 The Establishment of the Presidency Universities 186 Conversion and Education of Indians 195'0 fl.1PV Ii-IE" HISTORY OF EDUCATION IN INDIA UNDER THE Rule of the East India Con;PiKly EDUCATION OF INDIAN [...] "In addition to the salary of the Secretary of 1 000 rupees per month the following sketch of the expense of the college comprehends the best estimate we can form. of the amount the salaries for the teachers having been fixed at the lowest possible scale; viz. [...] UNDER THE EAST INDIA COMPANY 35 The following Statement exhibits the estimated Amount of the Sums annually chargeable on the Revenues of India for the support of Native Schools as the same appear upon the Books of Establishments and by the proceedings of the respective Governments last received from India. [...] In their letter to the Governor-General in Council of Bengal dated 3rd June 1814 the Court of Directors wrote : The Clause presents two distinct propositions for consideration; first the encouragement of the learned natives of India and the revival and improvement of literature; secondly the promotion of a knowledge of the sciences amongst the inhabitants of that country.

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