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Presidential Address of D.N. Wadia at the Zoroastrianism Section of the Second Indian Cultural Conference Calcutta 1937




The syllabus of studies to be persued should have the widest scope in Zoroastrian archaelogy embracing all subjects pertaining to Iranian chronology religion and philosophy as well as anthropological and physico-geographical aspects of the region which was the theatre of activities of the followers of Zoroaster from earliest dawn to the fall of the Sassanians. [...] Are the Kurds the heirs of the great races the Kassites and the Mitanni? [...] The unmerited oblivion that has fallen on this city as suggestO by these amusing vagaries of its spelling and pronunciation does not obsCure the fact of its existence and the unravelling of the full details about the site of this illustrious Persian city so famous in the annals of positive science urgently needs the attention of Iranian scholars. [...] (7) 'The study of the Gathas from the point of view of linguistics and phonetics may yield some stimulating results regarding the evolutiori of the main branches of the Aryan family of languages from a common ancestry and a common original home. [...] The attitude of Zoroastrianism towards the common man is to make him militant against evil and a soldier in the cause of goodness ; it spurs man to ceaseless activity in the service of Ahura Mazda and Spenta Mainyu and to throw in all his weight against the forces of darkness and evil in all acts of his life.


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