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Tours in Sikhim and the Darjeeling District


Fr&m the point of view of the botanist Sikhim is a herbarium and in the spring the country is a garden of flowers : orchids trail from the trees the various colours of the rhododendrons are bewildering and primulas carpet the ground. [...] Writers have remarked on " the infinite variety of the vegetation of the Sikhim Himalaya which contains in its whole extent types of every flora from the tropics to the poles and probably no other country of equal or larger extent on the globe can present so many features of interest or so many problems for solution to the thoughtful naturalist." A few examples of the wealth of the vegetation m [...] It is said that the avifauna of Sikhim is one of the richest in the world as there are between soo and 600 species These vary in size from the gigantic lammergeyer of about 4 feet in length and 9 ;:2 feet across the outstretched wings down to a tiny flower-pecker barely exceedinz 3 inches from the end of its beak to the tip of its tail: Thcolouring of some of the Sikhim birds is gorgeous i [...] The extension of the railway from Siliguri almost to Tista Bridge has brought the resources of the State into practical consideration and before long some of the natural products of the country may be extensively utilized The bamboo in connecti n with the manufacture of paper may be brought under cultivation but it is from its yield of so valuable a commodity as copper that the State may have so [...] The cost of the tour will depend much on the traveller's taste the nuilsber othe party the distance travelled or the time taken over the tour and of course if camping forms a part of the programme the expense of porterage on the tents must be considered The following however taken from actual experience may be a guide as to the cost of tours.
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Part I. General Information
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Part II. Touring Information
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Part III. Description of Tours
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Appendix I. Bills for one Person on Journey from Darjeeling to Phalut and Back Via Pamionchi for Rt days only
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Appendix II. Heights of the Most Important Peaks Seen from Sikhim or Darjeeling District
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Appendix III. List of Monasteries in Sikhim
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