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Constituent Assembly of India. Reports of Committees (First Series) 1947 (From December 1946 to July 1947)




Second report of the Union Powers Committee dated 5th July 1947. 611." I REPORT OF THE muck POWERS commits; v. THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY (PRESENTED ON 28TH APRIL 1947) We the undersigned members of the Committee appointed by the resolution of the Constituent Assembly of the 25th January to examine the mope of Union Powers have the honour to submit this our report. [...] Posts and Telegraphs : PrCV*d that the rights existing in favour of any individual State unit at The date of the establishment of the Union shall be preserved to the unit till the same are modified or extinguished by agreement between the Union and Unit oonoerned subject however to the power of the Union to make laws for the regulation and control of she same. [...] After a prelilninary discussion it was decided that the question of the distribution of the 93 seats should be referred to the Secretariats of the Constituent Assembly and the Chappell of '24 ices and their recommendations placed before the next meeting of the t wo on the 1st March 1947. [...] Sub-Committee and the Minorities SuCommittee were agreed that the following should be inoluddd in the list of Fundamental Rights Every citizen not below 2 l years of age shall have the right to vote at any election to the legislature of the Union and of ant Unit thereof or where the legislature is bicameral to the lower chamber of the legislature subject to such disqualifications on the [...] Rights of freedom 8. There shall be liberty for the exercise of the following rights subject to fublic order and morality or to the existence of grave emergency declared to be such by the Government of the Union or the Unit concerned where by the security of the Union or the Unit as the case may be is threatened :- (a) The right of every citizen to freedom of speech and expression : Provision m


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