cover image: The two Indias Being an Historical Sketch of the Treaty Relations Between the Indian States and the Paramount Power



The two Indias Being an Historical Sketch of the Treaty Relations Between the Indian States and the Paramount Power


When the Marathas extorted from the Emperor the cession of Kora and Allahabad which had been placed by Shah Alam in.possession of the Wazir a treaty was signed between the English and the Nawab Viazir on the 20th March 1772 by which the forts of Chunargarh and Allahabad were handed over to the East India Company. [...] In 1768 a treaty was concluded between the British Government and the Nawab of the Karnatic on the one part and the Nizam on the other. [...] By this treaty the Nizam revoked all sanads granted to Haidar Ali by the Subedars of the Deccan ; agreed to cede to the English in return for an annual payment of seven lakhs of rupees the Diwani of the Karnatic above the Ghats which had been seized by Haidar Ali ; pledged himself not to interfere with the possessions of the Nawab of the Karnatic ; and agreed to accept a reduced payment for the [...] 50 000 to defray the expenses of the force to be sent to assist him ; to acknowledge subjection to the Compatay ; to allow Cooch-Behar to be annexed to the Province of Bengal and to make over to the English one-half of the annual revenues of lig; State for ever. [...] 17aizullah Khan withdrew with the remains of the Rohila army to the hills and alle'r some negotiations and petty skirmishes an agreement known as the Treaty of Lal Dhang was made between him and the Nawab Wazir in 1 774 under the guarantee of the British by which he was secured in the State of Ramprir on condition of military service to the Wazir.
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Chapter I. Early Days
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Chapter II. Warren Hastings (1772-1785)
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Chapter III. Lord Cornwallis (1786-1793)
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Chapter IV. Sir John Shore (1794-1798)
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Chapter V. Lord Wellesley and Sir George Barlow(1798-1807)
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Chapter VI. Lord Minto (1807-1813)
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Chapter VII. The Marquess of Hastings (1813-1823)
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Chapter VIII. From Lord Amherst to Lord William Bextinck(1823-1835)
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Chapter IX. Lord Auckland (1836-1842)
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Chapter X. Lord Ellenborough and Lord Hardinge(1942-1948)
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Chapter XI. Lord Dalhousie and the Doctrine of Lapse (1848-1856)
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Chapter XII. The Crown (1858)
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