Information Concerning Presidency College  Calcutta.March 1950
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Information Concerning Presidency College Calcutta.March 1950




The Baker Laboratories Presidency College Presidency College HISTORY OF THE COLLEGE PRESIDENCY COLLEGE has a history of continuous development since the 20th January 1817 when the Hindu College or the Mahavidyalaya was founded through the generosity and vision of a number of prominent Hindus of Calcutta. [...] Post-graduate students of the College attend classes in the University and enjoy all the privileges enjoyed by University Post-graduate students in addition to the privileges enjoyed by students of the Presidency College. [...] 5. If the fees are not paid by the last day of the month following that for which they are due the names of the students concerned are struck off the rolls. [...] These are awarded strictly in order of merit to students of the College who have passed the Matriculation Examination of the Calcutta University in the first division as regular students and are not placed in the general scholarship list. [...] MIGRATION Students migrating from different Universities and Education Boards to the Calcutta University are required to submit the following documents at the time of admission: (a) A letter (in original) from the Registrar of the University or from the authorities of the Education Board* from which the student migrates permitting him to prosecute his studies in the Calcutta University.

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