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Shakti and Shakta. Essays and Addresses on the Shakta Tantrashashtra


Indeed the Shakta followers of the Agama claim that its Tantras contain the very core of the Veda to which it is described to bear the same relation as the Supreme Spirit (Paramatma) to the embodied spirit (Jivatma). [...] The speaker of the Tantras and the revealer of the Shakta Tantra is Shi'va Himself or Shiva the Devi: Herself. [...] The following Chapters shortly explain some of the main features of both the philosophy and practice of the Shakta division of the Agama. [...] These Tantras are Shastras of what is called the Agama ? In a review of one of my works it was suggested that the Agama is a class of Scriptures dealing with the worship of Saguna Ishvara which was revealed at the close of the age of the Upanishads and introduced partly because of the falling into desuetude of the Va Achara chara and partly because of the increasing numbers of persons entering [...] I am not in this Chapter concerned with this special ritual or magic but with the practices which govern the life of the vast mass of the Indian people to be found in the Tantras of the Agamas of the different schools which I have mentioned.
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Chapter I. Introductory
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Chapter II. What are the Tantras and their Significance?
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Chapter III. Tantra Shastra and Veda
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Chapter IV. Shakti and Shakta
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Chapter V. Chinachara
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Chapter VI. The Tantra Shastras in China
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Chapter VII. Chit-Shakti
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Chapter VIII. Maya-Shakti
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Chapter IX. Shakti and Maya
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Chapter X. Shakti in Taoism
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Chapter XI. Shakti as Mantra
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Chapter XII. Varnamala
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Chapter XIII. Shakta Sadhana
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Chapter XIV. The Panchatattva
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Chapter XV. Matam Rutra
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Chapter XVI. Kundalini Shakti
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Chapter XVII. Some Conclusions
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Addenda is Shakti Force ?
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Appendix II. The Vedas and the Tantras
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