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The World as Power Reality


The present tendency of science is towards the revival of the ancient Doctrine of one Substance-Energy the Mahashakti of the Vedantic Shakta and the Prakriti of the Sangkhyas. [...] The belief to the contrary of that which I have expressed is I think in part due to the fact that the most talked-of system in the West is the Monistic Vedanta of the School of Shangkaracharyya and in part to a lack of understanding of this system which presents some difficulties to the European mind. [...] Purusha which is Chit."Reality 33 the first of these divisions that the universe in ultimate resort is real not as independent but as part of the one ultimate Reality or...nratman ; whilst the Mavavada Vedanta which is the sole system of the second division and is regarded by its adherents as the crown of all doctrines teaches that the universe whilst ernpiri 7 cally real is in the transcen [...] We may only note here the view that if Consciousness cannot be the property of the body as a whole neither can it be a mere function of the biaii the brain theory of Consciousness being open to the same objectiOns as the one which maintains that consciousness is a property of the body as a whole.25 In fact consciousness belongs to what feels itself to be possessor of the body and makes use of the [...] The Second Standard then reduces the many realities of the first into two namely the Purushas or Selves as Consciousness and 757a-kriti the source of both the mental and psychical as subject on the one hand54 and the material as object55 on the other..
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