First Working Plan for Sikkim State Forests (For the Period 1951-52 to 1970-71)
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First Working Plan for Sikkim State Forests (For the Period 1951-52 to 1970-71)




The success or failure of a plan largely depends on the adequacy and capability of the staff entrusted for the execution. [...] Brandis 10 PART I SUMMARY OF THE FACTS ON WHICH - THE PROPOSALS ARE BASEDCHAPTER I THE TRACT DEALT WITH Name and Situation 1. The forests dealt with in this working plan cover the major part of the Sikkim State which lies between latitudes of 27° 5'-28° 10' North and longitudes 88° 4'-88° 8' East surrounded by Tibet (on the North and East) Nepal (on the West) Darjeeling District (on the South [...] The sirface of this vast incline is cut up roughly into innumerable number of rugged peaks and tortuous valleys with deep gorges down which dash the glacial streams and torrents of water precipitated by the excessive rainfall of this the rainiest section of the Himalayas. [...] The tendency of the run of the river system is roughly southwards. [...] The Northern Eastern and Western portions of the country is compoaed of hard Oeissose rocks capable of resisting denudatious to a considerable extent The centil and southern portions on the other hand are chiefly formed of comparatively soft thin slaty half schistose rocks which are denuded with facility and this area is the least elevated and most populated in Sikkim.

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