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Government of India. Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Report of the Commodity Controls Committee


As the controls are in respect of commodities which are essential for the life of the comunity and affect a large section of the population naturally public attention has been focussed on the working of the controls and the question of their continuance. [...] The terms of reference of the present Committee were much wider than of its forerunners."4 7. During the course of the debates in the House of the People on the Essential Supplies (Temporary Powers) Amendment Bill 1952 in August 1952 the Minister for Commerce and Industry while giving the assurance in regard to the appointment of a Committee to examine all the Control Acts and the Orders and N [...] The Partition of the country the post-devaluation difficulties and the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950 retarded the return to normalcy of the economy of the country and actually controls had to be tightened to meet the new situation. [...] The correponding provisions in Section 15 of the Supply and Prices of Goods Act are different: under these provisions the presumption of guilt ' irises only in respect of persons who during the relevant period were in charge of and were responsible to the corporation for the conduct of the business of the establishment in or in relation to which the offence is committed. [...] Some of the State Governments complained to us that in the investigation of offences for contravention of control laws they are handicapped by the provisions of section 103 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which require searches to be made in the presence of two or more respectable inhabitants of the locality in which the place to be searched is situated.
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Chapter I Introductory
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Chapter II Origin and Present Position of Commodity Controls
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Chapter III Effects of Commodity Controls on the Economy of the Country
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Chapter IV Continuance Of Commodity Controls
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Chapter V Enforcement of Control Laws
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Chapter VI Improvement of the Control System
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Chapter VII Fixation of Prices
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Chapter VIII The Essential Supplies (Temporary Powers) Act 1946 Foodstuffs and Fodder
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Chapter IX The Essential Supplies (Temporary Powers) Act 1946 Raw Cotton and Cotton Textiles (Cloth and Yarn)
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Chapter X The Essential Supplies (Temporary Powers) Act 1946 Coal and Salt
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Chapter XI The Essential Supplies (Temporary Powers) Act 1946 Iron and Steel
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Chapter XII The Supply and Prices of Goods Act 1950
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Chapter XIII The Drugs (Control) Act 1950
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Chapter XIV Summary of Recommendations
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