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University of Mysore. Oriental Library Publications. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Governmental Oriental Library Mysore. Vol. I - Vedas




The next three figures point out the extent of each manuscript the first mentioning the number of leaves the second the average nuniler of lines in each page and the third the average number of letters (syllables) in each line. [...] The commeinary explains in a systematic manner the meanings of words from the last Rh of the first vaga in the.'-')rd clipter of the first Ata ha up to the end of the first Astaha. [...] From the two variant readings of the expression "1.ituq't 311-i found in the manuscripts of this Library we may safely say that the author never intended to convey the date of tin' composition of his Bhasya in the words "14E'Tqk qii." The two readings are "fETTRT riik' and "iW ffTT." Iii the verse (.111()ted ail() ye the author intends to convoy the special nature of Ins commentary called ".1f [...] Though both the Brahmanas treat of Srouta sacrifices and they have a number of legends in c(unition the Kausitaki is systemtic in the arrangoinent of its subject-matter and has a wider scope than the Xitereya The two well-known divisions of Salim Veda Bralimanas are the Talavakara or Jaiminiva and the Tandya or Kauthuntiya. [...] The most important are the Aitareya and Kansitaki of the Veda t le Ta ittiriya Swetaswatara and liatha or the Black Yajurveda the Ira and Brhadaranyaka of the White Yajurveda the Chandogya of the Saina Veda and the Mandakva Mundaka Pra:;na Ilipanisads of the Atharva Veda.


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