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Government of Bengal Report on Public Instruction in Bengal For the Year 1928-29




A considerable amount of propaganda twas carried out by means of leaflets in the vernacular distributed by SuInspectors in the villages to explain the objects of the Bill and meetings were subsequently held to ascertain the attitude of the raiyats towards the Bill and in particular the question of the proposed cess. [...] The increase in numbers continues to be slower than was anticipated before the starting of the University and further efforts on the part of the University authorities seem desir'able to bring home to the students of the eastern part of the Province the facilities that Dacca offers both for taking a degree course in ideal surroundings and as an alternative centre to Calcutta for higher work. [...] The students of Krishnagar College having achieved conspcuous success in the University Examinations of the preceding year13 the members of the teaching staff were congratulated by the Director of Public Instruction. [...] The increase of 2 in the number of colleges is due to the inclusion for the first time of the Intermediate departments of St. [...] Owing howev er to the interest of the college authorities in the University Training Corps and the keenness of the students need has arisen for the formation of a second Platoon.



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