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Titles of Acts Passed by the Bengal Legislative Council in the Year 1931




(1) The Chairman with the consent of the Board may authorise the Vice-Chairman by an order in writing to exercise any of the powers conferred or to perform any of the duties imposed on the Chairman by this Act and thereupon the responsibility of the Chairman in respect of such powers and duties shall devolve upon the Vice-Chairman during the continance of such order. [...] (2) Such betterment fee shall be an amount equal to onhalf of the increase in value of the land resulting from the execution of the scheme and shall be calculated upon the amount by which the value of the land on the completion of the execution of the scheme estimated as if the land were clear of buildings exceeds the value of the land prior to the execution of the scheme estimated in like ma [...] (3) The provisions of sub-sections (7) (8) and (9) of section 78 relating in the case of the payments mentioned in that section to the non-payment of instalments of interest the paying off of the charge with iterest and the restrictions in respect of suits against the Board shall apply mutatis mutandis to the payment of the money payable under an agreement made in pursuance of sub-sectio [...] validity of acts of.. CALCUTTA IMPROVEMENT ACT 1911 (BENGAL ACT V OF 1911): amendment of section 2 of amendment of section 43 of amendment of section 45 of amendment of section 47 of amendment of section 50 of amendment of section 79 of amendment of section 122 of amendment of section 124 of. amendment of section 125 of amendment of section 137 of insertion of new sections 78A 78B [...] VICE-CHAIRMAN : of the Board of Industries...... III 1931 5 publication of the name of the—in the Calcutta Gazette III 1931 6 resignation of the........ III 1931 7(2) to exercise the functions of the Chairman of the Board of Industries.... III 1931 13(2) VOTE : casting--of the President of the Board of Industries.. III 1931 11(2) members interested in the Board of Industries not to III 1



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