Administration of the Corporation of the City of Karachi for 1939-40
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Administration of the Corporation of the City of Karachi for 1939-40




6. The frame work of the City of Karachi Municipal Act generally follows the model of the Bombay and Rangoon Acts but the Chief Officer for the City of Karachi is appointed by the Corporation with the sanction of Government (and not by Government themselves). [...] The main recommendations made by the Committee as regards ways and means for financing the above scheme and which have been adopted by the Corporation provide for retrenchment in municipal expenditure by:— 1. Reducing the pay of some of the members of the staff. [...] (3) That the Mayor should be exempted from personal appearance in Courts (4) Thai the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor should be ex-officio visitors of the Jail or the Jails and the Hospitals in the City. [...] out of all proportion to the increase in the operating"10 GENERAL AND INTRODUCTORY costs of the Tram and Bus service due to the War the Corporation passed the following resolution :— This Corporation has been shocked at the callous and profiteering attitude of the East India Tramways Co. [...] This was made possible by the wholehearted manner in which the Committees the Special Officer and the staff appointed for organizing the Exhibition had worked to keep to the scheduled time unmindful of the personal discomforts caused to them by the high pressure at which they worked.

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