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The Indian Co-operative Review. April-June 1943




Besides the members of the Standing Committees the Financial Advisor to the Co-operative Department Government of Punjab the Officer-in-charge of The Agricultural Credit Deparment Reserve Bank of India live ilegistrars of the Co-operative Societies some other departmental officials next in rank to the Registrars and a number of non-official co-operators intimately connected with the mov[...] In the course of his address confining ininsell to the province of Madras he complained that the services of the Co-operative Movement which was prepared to play its part in the matter of distribution of foodstuffs and other domestic requirements of the people were not adequately availed of by the Government. [...] The representative of the Reserve Bank of India intervened in the debate on the resolution with a statement that the Reserve Bank of India proposed to publish annual reviews of the woring of the movement which would serve the purpose. [...] The proposed provincial organisation can prepare the way for the formation of a real federation of the stores by undetaking the necessary spade work in educating the members and the public and arranging for the training of the staff of the stores' societies. [...] The terrible disequilibrium between the low prices of primary comodities and the high prices of manufactured goods in the depression period has automatically increased the value of the debts in terms of prices of commodities and the cost of living.



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