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The Indian Co-Operative Review. July-September 1943




By a resolution of the joint meeting of the Standing Committees of the All India Co-operative Associations of the Institutes and Provincial Banks held at Madras in April last the Provincial Institutions were requested to undertake the duty of collection and publication of information regarding the working of the movement in their respective areas. [...] Wabasse writing in the May issue of the Review of International Coperation under the caption 'Coperatives to be Absorbed by the State' charges the British co-operators with 'planning for the destruction of the Co-operative Movement' in these strong words: The annihilation of Co-operative Societies by their absorption into the State has the aproval of co-operators. [...] Accounts of the report of the celebrations of the Day in the various Western Countries summarised in the Co–operative Chronicle of the Review of International Co-operation July 1943 reveal that the celerations this year have roused more than usual interest among the coperators of the world who proclaimed their faith in the importance of co–operation its aims and methods in a voice and spir [...] It is very largely the result of administrative chaos and muddle and the refusal of administrators to obtain the co—operation of the people." This attitude of the Press and the public in Britain had its reactions on the Government of India whatever may be the outcome of such reaction. [...] There has been a flood subsequent to the receipt of the official report".8 The attitude of the Government spokesmen in regard to the reponsibility of the Central Government in the matter of dealing with the food situation is one of constitutional quibbling.


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