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Journal of the Asiatic Society 1953 (Letters)


The king while he was in good health is stated to have granted a piece of land in favour of a Brahmana named Kamadeva who was the son of Narasinaha and grandson of Hark's. The donee belonged to the Tagyapa gotra having the Kiigyapa Avatsara and Naidhruva pravaras and was a student of the Madhyandina ONO of the Vajasaneya carazia (of the Yajurveda). [...] The charter bears the date: the thirteenth day of the bright half of the month of MargaRirsa in the eighth regnal year of Yayati (i.e. [...] This verse throws welcome light on the otherwise unknown story of the struggle between the Kalacuris and the early members of the SomavarhAa leading ultimately to the Kalacuri occupation of the western half of South Kosala. [...] As the ninth year of the reign of Mahrtgivagupta I fell near about 980 A. C. the beginning of the era in question may be assigned to a date near about 822 A. C. This suggestion regarding the epoch of the Bhauma-Kara era seems to be supported by the recently discovered Daspalla plates (dated in the year 198 of the Bhauma-Kara era) of gatrubhailja II who was the grandson's grandson of Ranabhafija ( [...] THE ROMANCE OF HIR AND RANJHA (With a note on Wäris Shah) By HIRA LALL CHOPRA (Paper received on 11th March 1953.) The love-romance of Hir and REtaijha starts in the district of SargOdhd where in the beginning of the sixteenth century in the village of Takbt Hazard there lived a very opulent and well-to-do zamindar with the name of Maujfi Chowdhary.
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Balangir Museum Plates Of Mahaivagupta I Yayāti; Regnal Year 8
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The Romance of Hir and Rānjhā
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Bilingual Coins of Mahmlud of Ghazni—A Re-Study
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Literary Activity Under Gond Rule in Garah-Mandala
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Some Observations on the So-Called Theory of the Brahmanical Revolution Under Pusyamitra Śuńga
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Raghunandana’s Indebtedness to his Predecessors
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Reviews of Books
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