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Journal of the Asiatic Society 1952 (Letters)


3 As the ecological features of the fauna and flora described in the Rcitneiyana no longer exist in the region of the Pampa Lake at the present day a brief note on the age of the Ramayana is given below : PROBABLE AGE OF TIIE RlmAyAve. [...] The three 1 kinds of fish required by you occur in the Tungabhadra river and it is evident they were in the old Pampa Sarovar also.' CHANGES IN THE FISH FAUNA OF PAMPA SAROVARA The changes that have taken place in the fish fauna of the lake are obviously the results of a lacustrine condition changing into a marshy environment. [...] Thus the object of the commentator in explaining the Tantra is just to help all the dwellers of the ninety-six crores of villages of the Sarnbhala country in attaining the best way leading to emancipation. [...] On the contrary they would leave Sambhala and go to settle down in the land of the Aryans situated to the south of the river Sitd and between mount Himavat and the island of Lamkd. [...] The sages then left the country and when on the tenth day they entered into a forest Ya:sordja with the help of his five great powers (Paficäbhijiid) came to know that the going away of the sages would disturb the minds of the people of the ninety-six crores of villages of Sambhala.
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