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lunar eclipse far less the conjunction of the Moon in the astronomical sense of the term with the Rohini at the end of it. [...] The present study is based on the aforesaid impression of the inscription 2 and the photo-print of the image.3 The image on the back of which the inscription is carved represents the Jaina Tirthankara Adinatha. [...] The date of the image is certainly much earlier than that of the inscription and the general features of the sculpture seem to point to a period between the 11th and the 12th centuries A. D. The image of the deity seated in the padmasana is marked by the cospicuous absence of the arivatsa on the chest. [...] Regarding the time of the inscription and the identification of the person credited with the construction of the mosque we may state that one of the earliest references to a person entitled Majlis ul-Majalis as the builder of a mosque is contained in an inscription of the time of Shams ud-din Yfisuf Shah dated 882 A. H.8 The identity of the builder of the above mosque and the person stated in th [...] Firstly that the calligraphy of the present inscription generally fits in with the period althmigh it is none of the ornamental varieties of the Tughra writing for which most of the epigraphs of the age show a tendency.
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