The Sino-Indian Journal. July 1947
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The Sino-Indian Journal. July 1947




The object of the Sino-Indian Cultpral Society is to study the mind of India and of China to link up the !earnings of the two countries with a view to an interchange of their culturii and cultivation of friendship -between the two nationand ultimately to work together for world peace and social harmony. [...] As the representatives of two of the oldest and most philosophical civilizations of the world it falls to India and to China to give the right lead to others. [...] In China the Unnameable clne the Great Mystery is known as Tao ; and since in the spiritual life the Goal is also 318 THE SING-INDIAN JOURNAL the way Tao is the way to be followed by the spiritual aspirant. [...] "For a man of affairs not to master the ancient methods ( the doctrine of Tao taught by Yaou and Shun ) and yet to be capable of perpetuating his generations is a thing of which Yueh never yet heard." Yet he reminded the King that 'sit is not the knowledge of a thing but the doing of it that is difficult." But for a fuller description of what is meant by Tao and the way of life it implies we now [...] The first sentence of the opening chapter takes us at once into the presence of the Great Mystery and we are reminded of the impossibility of trying to grasp the Infinite to know it or define it.

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