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Indian Sugar Annual Number 1953


At the close of the last season the factories were left with a total physical stock of about 5 lakh tons to be carried forward to the next year which is unprecdented in the history of the modern sugar industry in the country. [...] The press note stated that this was attributed to reluctance on the part of the trade to enter into fresh commitments in view of an anticipated fall in the price of the commodity and that this not only resulted in creating storage diffculties for the sugar mills but also in the stocks in the consuming centres running low. [...] In this connection it is necessary to draw the attetion of the Central as well as Uttar Pradesh Government to an alarming feature in the industry located in the Western Zone of the U. P. which is the largest single sugar producing zone in the country. [...] The sugar industry is the second largest in the country and the contribution that it has been able to make to the economy of the country has been significant. [...] The working of mixed ecnomy as in our country must be a merger of the valuable features of controlled economy and free economy so that the restrictive effects of the one do not vitiate the reslience of the other.
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v-vi J.S. Mehta view
403-404 J.S. Mehta view
Sugar Industry—a Survey of its Present Problems
405-414 R.P. Nevatia view
Private Enterprise and Industrial Development
415-418 S.P. Jain view
Efficiency in Sugar Industry—Suggestions for Improvement
419-424 Surendra Majithia view
The Theory of Excise Duty in Relation to Sugar Industry
425-i K.M. Purkayastha view
Sugar Industry under the Five Year Plan
427-i K.M. Purkayastha view
Company Law Amendments
431-436 J.S. Mehta view
437-442 J.S. Mehta view
Scientific and Technological Problems of the Indian Sugar Industry
443-452 S.N. Rao view
The Electrical Cane juice Clarification process and its maiden run at the Experimental Sugar Factory of the Indian Institute of Sugar Technology Kanpur
453-462 Dhirendra Ghosh view
“Scientific Problems of Sugar Industry'”
463-470 Behari Mathur view
“Certain Recent Aspects of Sugarcane Research at Coimbatore”
471-i N.L. Dutt view
Some Aspects of Sugarcane Breeding as Practised in Coimbatore
475-480 T.S. Raghavan view
‘Eye Spot Disease of Sugarcane’
481-486 Kirti kar, D.R. Singh view
Red Rot of Sugarcane and its Control
487-i N.C. Joshi view
Problems of Indian Confectionery Industry
489-492 D. Allerton view
Effects of Invert Sugar in Confectionery Products
493-496 J.S. Mehta view
World Sugar Position
497-498 J.S. Mehta view
Power Alcohol Industry
499-502 R.P. Sinha view
Programme for Development of Power Alcohol Industry under the Five Year Plan
503-i R.P. Sinha view
Sugar Industry’s Contribution to Cane Cultivation in Maharashtra
509-512 Gulabchand Hirachand view
Sugar Industry in West Bengal
513-513 J.S. Mehta view
Bonus Payment to Sugar Factories Labour in U.P.
514-518 J.S. Mehta view
Technical Efficiency of Indian Sugar Factories
519-520 J.S. Mehta view
Book Review
521-522 J.S. Mehta view
Company Affairs
523-523 J.S. Mehta view
524-532 J.S. Mehta view

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