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THE THING-IN-ITSELF 387 The main result of the Critique of Practical Reason therfore is the shifting of the centre of gravity of philoophy from the thing-in-itself to value and to the recognition of the value of freedom or personality as the central value. [...] Just as the concepts of the Undestanding ultimately rest upon the Ideas of Reason just as the moral law with its categorical imperative is ultimately based upon the Ideas of God freedom and immortality of the soul so the aesthetic judgment of the Beautiful ultimately rests upon the Idea of the Supersensible. [...] In the judgment of the sublime there is the consciousness of the superiority of the mind over nature. [...] We have devoted so much space to the discussion of the place of the teleological judgment in the Critique of Judgment because on it hinges the more important question : What is the central idea of the Critique of Judgment? [...] Are we then to conclude from the evidence of the plastic art that the women in central India used to move about with their breasts uncovered in the early centuries of the Christian era 2 Nor can it be argued that the upper person of the women in these sculptures is bare because the sculptors were not skilful enough to show the same sari as covering both the lower and the upper part of the body.

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