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In spite of all the progress that has been made in recent centuries in the practice of the art of criticism it is strange that very little advance has been made regarding the enunciation of the primary aims and qualities of literature over the work of Aristotle the Father of Criticism at least in Europe. [...] A small library of such fundamental works of criticism as the Poetic and Rhetoric of Aristotle the Ars Poetica of Horace the Sublime of Longinus and the Laocoon of Lessing all of them available in good English translations should form the beginning of any good foundation for a successful or even useful critic. [...] VI The dangers of the abuse of the Art of Criticism from the standpoint of the critic himself are also numerous. [...] The reason for the prevalence of this sytem is that during the boyhood of the prospective religious head some selfish opportunists get the chance of taking over the possession and management of the entire monastery which becomes the personal property of the parents and relatives of thus incarnated Lama. [...] c. 1391-1474) and (Smad) es-rabsan (1395-1457) established the great monasteries of Bkris-lhum-po (1447) in the province of Gtsan and Chap-indo in that of Khams (1437) respectively.234 JOURNAL OF THE BENARES HINDU UNIVERSITY In addition to this work for the study of the scriptures and philosophy Tson-kha-pa's work in the field of propagation of the monastic rules was no less.

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