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organs and the mind and the world do not - AA Mit4iikvitivida exist for the sake of deluding the individual.4 JOURNAL OF TTIE BENARES HINDU UNIVERSITY They exist on the contrary for the apprehension of the greater glory of the divine creative action the /ikivibh4ti. [...] THE PHILOSOPHY OF SRI RAMANUJA he Divine life superconsciont.Being or tho Avatara the descent of Godhead into human evolution to redeem and destroy the Arca or the Idol the concrete symbol and presence in holy places of beauty the worshipablo form; and the most impoFivefold nature of tant of all the Antaryamin the inner ruler of God in Prtileardtra. [...] 1)ayii is the mother the sri of God is the complement of the gakti that is upholding the universe of which Bhakti and Prthe world is a great act (viblyati). [...] This is the suggestion and the truth of the integral sound OM suggestive at once of integral oneness in oneself of the three states and the super-state turiya and of the three primary essenses of God souls and nature. [...] On the approach of the winter Ahuramazda is afraid that "all the three sorts of boasts shall perish those that live in the wilderness and those that live on the tops of the moutains and those that live in the bosom of the dale under the shelter of stables 3".

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