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Poerbatjaraka refers to the gorgeous description of the ocean at the beginning of the section on Agastya-cara in Varahamihira's Brhatsamhita and says that in this decription we have a reference to the rich proceeds of colonial trade accruing to the Hindus of the early centuries of the Chritian era. [...] The geography of the southern lands is elaborated in the Kiskindha-kanda of the Ramayana and in one chapter in the Bhuvanavinyasa section of the Veryu Purana. [...] There are references to the sage in the well-known poem Manmgalai but the most interesting of the references to Agastya in Tamil is that in the commentary to the Iraiyanär Agapporul which tells us that Agastya was a member of the first Tamil P. angam and that his great work the Agattiyam was the standard work of reference for the four thousand and odd years during which the first angam [...] F. D. K. Bosch the head of the Dutch Archaeological service in Java has studied at great length the traditions prvalent in Campa Kambhoja and Java on the foundations of the respective Hindu kingdoms in these countries and he has reached the very interesting conclusion that all these stories accepted a standard type of relations between diva in the form of li ga the founder of the kingdom wh [...] If anything he seems to feel a kind of respect for it and is convinced of the sincerity of the major part of its adherents : Compare towards the end of Act X the remarks of the Bhilitpt ffad lafgrw-det kiemsq fa-A 4 tramm TfriTul dar4 I which the poet goes out of his way to endorse in the last but one stanza of the play.

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