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New Indian Antiquary. April 1939


The Karnatak Printing Press lost no time in composing the entire matter of the Volume in an efficient elegant and expeditious manner in spite of the complicated nature of printing in view of the fact that some of the papers included in the volume were written in German French and Italian. [...] The cexistence of the substrate and delusion then amounts only to the existence of the part in the whole not to be the simultaneous existence of independent reals. [...] BAL KRISHNA rejects the carefully prepared genealogy of the rulers of Sattra down to A. D. 1828 as incorrect and asserts that the gaps in the careers of the ancestors of 'Sivaji the Great can now be filled up on the basis of the unpublished grants (i.e. [...] The " several rajas " of the " Carnatic " rferred to by him could only have been the rulers of northern Karnataka like those of Kittar Miraj Sagar Goa Kolhapur and Mudhild itself.2 We may observe here that the central western and southern parts of Karnataka the whole of the Tamil and a large part of the Telugu land were all now being consolidated by the successors of the Hoysalas—the ru [...] D. 1424) in the name of Ugrasen which is still in the possession of the Raja Saheb of Mudhol ".1 The contents of the firman dated A. D. 1424 are the following :— " That Sidhji Rana Thanedar of Sagar and his son Bhairaysing who are the great-granfather and grand-father of Rana Ugrasen son of Rajsingh Deo Rana stood beside us in the period of Firaz Shah Bahmani whose son was the refuge of br
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Presentation to Professor F. W. Thomas
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On the Nature of Sublation
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The Authenticity of the Mudhol Firmans
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Inscriptions of Kathiawad
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Missing the Essential
42-46 C.A.F. Davids view
Repetition in Prakrit Syntax
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59-61 Batakrishna Ghosh view
Flying Mechanism in Ancient India
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Notes of the Month
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Luigia Nitti-Dolci
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